Create ADF popup for value change event(For select one choice component).

Add popup and add dialog to inside of the popup,then select popup and add value for binding attribute in mine
private RichPopup myPop = new RichPopup();
public void selectOneChoiceEvent(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) {
RichPopup.PopupHints ph = new RichPopup.PopupHints();;
public void setMyPop(RichPopup myPop) {
this.myPop = myPop;
public RichPopup getMyPop() {
return myPop;

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ADF - Add textField value to multiSelect Component in button click event

Write following code your bean and try..

private List listOfItems = new ArrayList();//to shown combo,bind this list to combo
String txtFieldValue;//txtFld bind value

public void Test(ActionEvent actionEvent) {//bind to button action listner
String value = (String)getTxtFieldValue();
if (value != null && !value.equals("")) {
SelectItem si = new SelectItem();

public void setListOfItems(List listOfItems) {
this.listOfItems = listOfItems;

public List getListOfItems() {
return listOfItems;

public String getTxtFieldValue() {
return txtFieldValue;

public void setTxtFieldValue(String txtFieldValue) {
this.txtFieldValue = txtFieldValue;

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